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The septic tank is located underground, collecting your home’s wastewater, allowing it to decompose before going out to your drainage field or mound. To Septic tank plumbing in Milwaukee Countyput it simply—it’s responsible for moving wastewater and properly treating it away from your home. It’s integral to a clean and sanitary property, and for this reason, you want it always working right!

Rozga Plumbing Corp. has provided septic tank services for more than three decades and our experienced plumbing technicians can provide you with home with reliable, efficient and affordable solutions to help keep your home’s sewage flowing properly and add longevity to your system.

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Helping You to Maximize the Performance of Your Septic System

If you are not on a city sewage system, you rely on your septic tank to support the needs of your household. If a tank gets a high level or overflows due to the filter plugging or a blockage, you will need an emergency repair. We can offer you tips that help you maximize the space you have in your tank, ultimately reducing your risk of overflow.

You can best maintain your septic system by:

  • Composting food waste—Rather than washing that waste down the rain (and ultimately into your tank,) consider keeping a compost bin to hold food waste. No garbage disposals are to be used on these systems.
  • It is recommended that garbage disposals to not be used with septic and mound systems. Studies have shown that garbage disposals add up to one-third more detrimental solids in the system. Garbage disposal use has been shown to contribute to premature failure of both septic systems and mound systems.
  • Keep grease, fat, and oil out of your drains—Not only does grease cause problems in your pipes, but it alsocauses premature failure of systems by causing the clogging mat (or bio mat) form more quickly which eventually seals off the system.
  • Pump regularly - Having the tank pumped removes accumulated solids. Pumping the system is similar to changing the oil in your car, it cleans out the system and removes solids that will eventually cause the system to fail. Frequency of pumping is based number of occupants in the house and size of septic tank - call for more information.
  • Manhole Covers - Make sure you know how many manholes your system has and their exact location. It is recommended the covers be exposed due Wisconsin weather. If the manholes are buried, and you require emergency service in winter, the ground could be frozen above the manhole covers. Also, if your manhole covers are exposed, then it is required they are locked (usually by chain and lock) and have an approved warning label.
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Be Aware of Standing Water Around Your Tank

Standing water pooling above ground serves as a sign that you have a problem with your septic tank. Water leaking from the tank rises up, rather than sinking down, and this leaked water creates a health concern, as the water is wastewater from your toilets, showers, and sinks. Water above-ground is a classic sign that your system has either broken or has a blockage. Other warning signs of a high-level tank include slow drains and toilets. If you notice any of these signs or suspect you may have other issues, our team of certified and trained septic repair professionals can assist you.

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