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Milwaukee Sewer Repair & Water Services

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At Rozga Plumbing & Heating Corp., we solve even the most complex water main and sewer line problems. These pipes and systems are responsible for carrying water and waste away from your home. When you need sewer repair in Milwaukee, make sure those pipes are in experienced hands.

Schedule an estimate for sewer repair in Milwaukee with our team at (414) 240-0580.

Three Decades of Comprehensive Plumbing Service

For more than three decades, Rozga Plumbing & Heating Corp. has been the trusted name in Southeast Wisconsin sewer and water line services. We offer up-front pricing and reliable repairs.

We provide the following services for all your underground plumbing needs:

  • Soil Testing ("Perc tests")
  • Sewer camera work including pipe locating and televise sewer condition
  • Sewer cleaning
  • Sewer repair and replacement
  • Water lateral and main services
  • Well system inspections
  • Wastewater treatment design and management
  • Parking lot drainage and catch basin services
  • Manhole repairs

    Know Your Main Water Line

    The water lateral is responsible for delivering water to your home from the city's main water supply. It's a pipe that runs underground - usually through your front yard. If this pipe has a leak or a break, you might only experience a loss in water pressure within your home. However, the break usually results in significant front yard flooding.

    You might have a problem with your water line if you notice:

    • New dips in your yard
    • Water pooling in strange locations across your front yard
    • Significant flooding, especially close to the street
    • Your sump pump running more often

      Yards flood with a water break because the ground is not capable of absorbing the sudden high volume of water. Instead of sinking down, the water creeps up and into your yard. The city can continue charging you for the use of this water until you get the break fixed, so it's in the best interest of your front yard and your budget to get it promptly corrected.

      Additional Signs You Need Our Milwaukee Sewer Repair Experts

      • Foul odors - If there's is a foul smell originating from your basement or yard, then it's likely your sewer line has burst and sewer water doesn't smell good.
      • Unwanted critters attracted to your yard - If you're noticing an overabundance of insects or rodents in your yard lately, check it for any water that doesn't smell so good and call in your Milwaukee sewer repair professionals.
      • Slow water pressure or draining - If your water pressure or draining system isn't what it once was, it's possible that your sewer line needs our Milwaukee sewer repair specialists' attention.
      • Gurgling - When you're noticing a strange gurgling sound from your toilet or pipes when you're using the shower, this is never a good sign. This means that there is a clog, the pressure is building, and the air isn't flowing properly as it should be. If you notice and act on this sooner rather than later you could save yourself from a soggy situation.
      • Inconsistent water level in your toilet - This might not seem like a big deal, but it's best to call in our Milwaukee sewer repair squad because this could be a sign of issues with your sewer line. When it comes to sewer water, it's better to be safe than sorry.

      Sewer System Repairs

      We offer several non-invasive and emergency repair options for your sewer line. We know sewer breaks don't always happen at the most convenient time, but we will get you back up and running quickly.

      For emergency sewer repair in Milwaukee, reach out to our plumbers at (414) 240-0580.

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