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Water Heater Installation in Milwaukee

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Every homeowner knows that the appliances in their home are an investment in their quality of life, but they aren’t going to last forever. Every appliance you own will eventually break down, wear out, or simply not be able to keep up with your demands any longer. Your water heater is no exception to this rule—with the amount of use it sees on a regular basis and your almost daily need for hot water, it’s not uncommon for a water heater to have a useful lifespan of only around eight years or so. If your water heater is starting to show signs of age or you’re dealing with an urgent issue like a leak that could cause damage to your home, you may need to get your water heater replaced as soon as possible.

At Rozga Plumbing Corporation, we offer superior water heater replacement and installation services designed with you and your home in mind. When you need a new heater installed, we make sure to choose the perfect replacement heater for your home from a major name brand known for quality and longevity. We make sure that your old heater is quickly removed and hauled away to prevent it from causing any serious damage to your home. We also make sure that your new heater is properly installed, including adhering to all building and plumbing codes for your safety and complete satisfaction. We take your water heater issue seriously, and we hold our replacement and installation services to the highest standards because we know that’s what you demand. When you accept nothing less than the best, make sure that you’re trusting your home to the Milwaukee water heater installation team from Rozga Plumbing Corp.

When you need a new water heater installed, call Rozga Plumbing Corp. at (414) 240-0580 to request a quote or have your current heater inspected by a member of our team right away.

When Do I Need to Replace My Water Heater?

When do you need a new water heater? Can you simply repair your problem and get back to life as usual? While this may be possible, in many cases it’s a better idea to simply replace your old, outdated water heater outright. Replacing a water heater is essentially starting fresh, giving you years of uninterrupted and dependable hot water, while a repair may only buy you a few months to maybe another few years of use before more problems arise that may require replacement.

We strongly suggest replacing your water heater if you experience any of the following:

  • Your water heater is more than eight years old
  • Your water heater has sprung a leak somewhere
  • Your water heater has needed more than one repair within the last year
  • Your energy bills are climbing without a logical explanation
  • Your hot water capacity seems to have diminished significantly
  • You are dealing with cold water sandwich (random spurts of cold water)

You may also need to replace your water heater if you’re looking to sell your home and your current water heater isn’t necessarily up to proper building codes. A qualified inspector will take one look at just about any water heater that is out of code and point it out on an inspection report. Water heaters that are not installed to code will almost always be a requested fix from anyone looking to buy a home, so it’s a good idea to simply replace your heater ahead of time. Plus you’ll enjoy more dependable hot water and the ability to advertise a new water heater when listing your home as well!

Need to replace your old, worn-out water heater? Trust Rozga Plumbing Corp. and get it done right! Contact us today.

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