How to Prevent Your Pipes from Freezing in During a Cold Snap

The weather we are experiencing across Wisconsin with subzero temperatures has not been seen in decades and record lows are predicted. For most of us in Milwaukee and Waukesha County, a cold winter is nothing new. But do not underestimate the chill of this cold snap. It can freeze the water in your home’s pipes, cause the piping to burst and resulting in widespread damage.

Before the arctic temperatures hit, read and review these quick tips to prevent frozen pipes:

  1. Warm air: Raise your thermostat temperature a few degrees right now. You may have a digital setback thermostat that drops a few degrees at night, check the settings and make sure to HOLD a higher temp for this week, 70*+. Your furnace has to work harder and it just won't be able to recover from a lower setting. Replace your furnace filter. No airflow=no heat!
  2. Dripping water: Keep any sink faucets near outside walls or problem areas in your home ever-so-slightly open at all times, resulting in a slow, thin drip. If a faucet has separate hot and cold taps, then you can slightly open both. Keeping your faucets dripping keeps water moving and less likely to freeze. Once again, it is better to have a slightly higher water bill than the costs of pipe replacements.
  3. Open cabinet doors: Pipes behind cabinets can be totally insulated from warm air if the cabinet doors are closed. Open them up to let the air circulate into the cabinets and warm the pipes behind the walls there.
  4. Quick seals: Predictably, cracks and holes in walls, floors, and ceilings will sap the warmth out of your home. You can buy do-it-yourself caulk or sealant at most any home repair store. A quick little dab of caulk over each crack or hole takes just a moment but makes a big difference. Plastic over windows works great too!
  5. Insulated pipes: Of course, a direct approach to protecting your plumbing from the cold is adding insulation. You can easily add insulation to exposed pipes, like those in the basement ceiling area near the perimeter of the home as these are common freeze spots. You can purchase this insulation from any hardware store or we have it in stock if you need assistance.
  6. Know where your main water shut off is: If you have a water pipe break you need to go to this valve in the basement and turn it off to prevent more damage.

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